Voices of AmeriCorps – Guy Cox

As I have done for the past two years, I went into this fall planning to volunteer for the Goodfellows in the City of Taylor. I do not belong to the Goodfellows, I just believe in what they are doing. As a member of the board of the Little League, I am friends with the president, who just so happens to be the member of the Goodfellows responsible for the “No Child Without a Christmas” program. They stand on the corner or in front of local businesses every year gathering donations to help with their cause and I have been blessed to have been asked to help.

This year, after becoming an AmeriCorps member, I realized my opportunity to participate may be in danger. I have been unemployed for the past two years, but all that has changed. When I brought up volunteering with Goodfellows to my site supervisor Carol Meyers, she was very supportive and said, “we will work it out.” Armed with this vote of confidence, I then turned to my friend in the organization and asked if I could put my flyers for the Foreclosure Prevention Program and classes in each of the boxes that we hand out this year. He thought for a minute and said he would have to see if it was ok. I then said, “If these are people who cannot afford presents and food during the holidays, surely they are in need of help with their mortgage also.” After thinking for a brief moment he said ” You print the flyers, we will put them in; but I do need help.” “Of course,” I said. “We can help each other.”

So, on December 15-17, I will be hauling boxes of food to cars for people in need (which was 12 hour days and snow storms last year). I will get to shake the hands and hug the appreciative recipients (400 registered), and personally talk to each one. It is a lot of work, but it will be worth it all around. Incidentally, I have now also applied to Southgate Goodfellows with the same offer as they are open on different days; we await their answer.

Guy Cox is an Americorps member at Wayne Metro Community Action Agency.
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