Voices of AmeriCorps – Julius Thompson “My Satisfaction”

[This post is part of a blog series highlighting the viewpoints of AmeriCorps Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps members serving at different foreclosure host sites around Michigan. Click here for information about the program.]

My Satisfaction

Seeing the look upon a person’s face when they first walk into my office facing foreclosure and then being able to help them save their home is enough appreciation for me. My name is Julius B Thompson; my AmeriCorps experience began May 18, 2009 serving with LISC AmeriCorps Michigan Statewide. Currently I am in my third term of service through the Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps.

My experience has been great with AmeriCorps. I believe that I am a more compassionate and understanding person. Before my service I didn’t have any experience in the Foreclosure Prevention Program, but now I have been through many different training opportunities and I feel able to provide my service to the State of Michigan and my community. I truly enjoy doing this service. I have been blessed to have been in this position to help others in need. I know at that end of the day I don’t always feel the satisfaction that I have accomplished anything, but if just one person says thank you, I know I did something to make a difference in their life. That’s all the satisfaction I need.