Voices of AmeriCorps – Daniele Fahrni

[This post is part of a blog series highlighting the viewpoints of AmeriCorps Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps members serving at different foreclosure host sites around Michigan. Click here for information about the program.]

Hi!  My name is Daniele Fahrni.  I serve at the Ionia County Michigan State University Extension in Ionia.  I am an Intake Specialist.  I meet with the clients first and then send them on to the counselors.  When I meet with the clients I go over all documentation and make sure that everything is filled in correctly and that all the required documentation is in the packet.

I joined AmeriCorps to help fill some time I had as a stay at home mom, but I never realized how satisfying it could be. When we are able to modify someone’s mortgage for them and help them save their house it is amazing. When we are able to explain the foreclosure process to someone and see that they know they have choices, it is something wonderful. I know that my time here with AmeriCorps will be something I never forget.