Free Tax Help – Plus, Do You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit?

Why pay for help with your taxes when you can get help for free? In this post you will find out if you qualify for the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and get two options to save money this tax season.

Do I qualify for the EITC?

“Every year, many eligible workers in Michigan fail to claim the EITC, leaving anywhere from $90 million to $190 million in federal tax relief on the table each year,” says Ross H. Yednock, coordinator of the Michigan Earned Income Tax Coalition. A single parent of two children working full-time at minimum wage and earning $15,000 a year can get a Michigan state income tax credit of about $1,000 and a federal credit of about $5,000.

The IRS has a free EITC calculator here that will show you if you can claim the EITC.

Ways to Save

  1. Use I-CAN! E-File (free online software) to file your federal and state of Michigan taxes. Click here to go to I-CAN! E-File.
  2. Have an IRS-trained volunteer prepare your state and federal tax return for free at a Michigan VITA site. Individuals who earn $44,000 or less qualify for this free help. Get a list of VITA site locations and learn what to bring with you here.

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