MRN MEMBER PROFILE – Generation E Institute

To help get to know the Michigan Rural Network as individuals and organizations, the MRN will post a profile of a member organization every week. This week’s member organization is the Generation E Institute.

The non-profit Institute, operating since 2004 in Battle Creek, Michigan, works to increase awareness and excitement regarding the value of youth entrepreneurship education in communities. While the Institute develops its own curriculum, it is designed to fit in with and enhance any current programs such as Junior Achievement and 4-H. The curriculum is project driven, as students all create their own business and learn and develop skills in business development.

The Institute works to engage the community around youth entrepreneurship. It performs community appraisals, uses focus groups and community meetings to help customize a plan of action for each community.

The Institute also puts on the Generation E Student Business Showcase hosted at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek. The showcase features nationally known guest speakers, workshops, the opportunity to display/sell products/services, presentations to judges, and awards.