Member News Roundup ~ August

[This post is part of the monthly CEDAM Member News Roundup series.  If you have news to share, send it our way or leave a message in the comments section at the bottom of this post.]

Deluxe Inn after the art show.

Goodbye, Deluxe Inn! The Ingham County Land Bank bought this rundown property in Lansing’s Reo Town with plans to demolish it at the end of August – but not before turning the building into an art hot spot. The REO Town Commercial Association invited almost 50 artists to paint the building with graffiti art, drawing 1,500 or so spectators. After the Lansing Fire Department uses the building to practice breaking down doors and walls, the land bank will oversee demolition of the site.

Over in Ann Arbor, the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living hosted the 2010 Great Lakes Independence Ride, or “IRide.” Over 30 cyclists participated in the 4 day, 240 mile bike ride from Three Rivers to Ann Arbor. Video of the cyclists.

Circle of Love information drop for community awareness month.

Throughout August, Circle of Love CDC in Saginaw organized information drops to the local communities for Community Awareness Month. Executive Director Pamela Brazil said the drops have been very successful, with increased numbers of people coming to the nonprofit for affordable housing counseling. Circle of Love is also coordinating Operation Gateway, or “Take the Hill,” where volunteers come together to clean up Hill Street by cutting overgrown trees, trimming weeds, and mowing on properties where vegetation is out of control. News article.

Coming up on September 9th, the Old Town Commercial Association will officially welcome seven new businesses to Old Town. The ribbon cutting ceremony will celebrate Epicenter Church, Gravity Works, Lambs Gate Antiques, Michigan League for Human Services, Northside Barbershop, Lighthouse Massage Center and Tallulah’s Folly.