DHS Welfare 101 Campaign Attacks Myths About Welfare

The Michigan Department of Human Services is currently touting a campaign to discredit common myths about welfare and its recipients.  The campaign aims to reduce widespread negative perceptions and show how valuable the welfare system is for Michigan residents, as well as the state’s economy.  In Michigan’s current economic climate an unprecedented number of families qualify for social services, but many who qualify may not apply because of the myths that tarnish the purpose of the welfare system.

The Welfare 101: Busting Myths About Welfare website is a great resource for human service agencies and other organizations that seek to help populations whose members often qualify for public services.  The website offers documents discussing various myths about welfare, including “Welfare recipients are a drain on the system,” “Welfare is full of fraud and no one’s doing anything about it,” and “Welfare recipients only live in poor, urban areas, not the suburbs or wealthier areas of the state.”  These resources can be directed to people who qualify for benefits but may be reluctant to apply or be used to inform the general public.

Please view the Welfare 101: Busting Myths About Welfare website for more information and to access campaign resources.