Blog Highlights from Spring 2010

The big picture from all the CEDAM blog posts this spring. Thanks for reading!


Blog Post Spotlight

The best of the best blog posts by CEDAM staff and guest bloggers.

Asset Building Policy Project

In addition to tax preparation resources and VITA sites (see above sections), ABPP promotes the Earned Income Tax Credit. ABPP is also involved in getting unbanked individuals to open savings and checkings accounts through the Bank On movement. To see all ABPP related blogs, click the “Asset Building” link under “Categories” on the main CEDAM blog page.


Big news this spring about foreclosure includes the announcement of Troubled Asset Relief Program funds for Michigan and a proposed rule change that would help stop foreclosure scams. To see all foreclosure related blogs, click the “Foreclosure” link under “Categories” on the main CEDAM blog page.

CEDAM Members and Events

From weatherization to affordable housing, gardening to tax preparation, our members are doing great things for their communities. CEDAM’s monthly member news roundup features positive member news from around Michigan.

In addition, CEDAM staff have been interviewing CEDAM members for a short video mission statement. There is no sneak peak (we don’t want to give away the ending), but we will say that the video debuts on the big screen at the CEDAM Annual Event. Look forward to it at the end of April!