Earned Income Tax Credit Reminder

A brief reminder about the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). To see who qualifies to claim the EITC on tax returns, visit the Federal EITC Homepage.

The EITC provides great economic benefit to low-income workers and local economies across the state. For individuals and families, the EITC provides financial opportunity in this disastrous economic climate.  EITC refunds can make the difference for staving off foreclosure or providing the basics for a decent life, like paying utilities and buying food.  Every year, federal EITC refunds bring in over $1 billion to Michigan.  Much of this is spent directly in local economies; for every $1 in EITC refund received, $1.67 is spent back in the recipient’s local economy.EITC logo for Michigan

For more information about the EITC please reference: