Living in Michigan: New Ways to Connect Online

Living in Michigan logoThe Living in Michigan Coalition is a group of organizations, including CEDAM, working together to advance Michigan’s Housing and Community Development Fund (MHCDF). CEDAM is proud to announce the launch of a new Living in Michigan website, Facebook page, and Twitter account, where you can learn all about MHCDF, its successes, and how you can help.

The mission of the fund is to create vibrant communities where people want to live, work, and retire. It will accomplish this by providing housing opportunities for all Michigan residents, and helping transform our economy by improving the quality of life in Michigan’s cities, towns, and villages – especially those with high concentrations of poverty. In 2008, MHCDF helped fund 18 great housing projects, leverage public and private funds at an 11:1 ratio, and create new jobs in communities around the state (find out more).

This year, we need your help! Those filing Michigan taxes can contribute $5 or more to MHCDF to invest in jobs and local revitalization in Michigan communities. Donating to the fund means:

  • creating much-needed jobs and economic stimulation for Michigan’s cities, towns and villages
  • protecting our communities
  • investing in Michigan’s economic future
  • empowering local communities to become more self-reliant, vibrant and healthy through direct support

This brand new 30-second public service announcement encourages all Michigan taxpayers to support MHCDF by checking the box to invest in jobs and revitalize local communities throughout Michigan.

If we don’t invest in Michigan, who will? The future of Michigan’s communities depends on us!