Introducing Brandon

I am Brandon Bourdganis, the new Policy Intern for CEDAM.  A senior at Michigan State University, I am majoring in Social Relations and Policy in James Madison College, with a concentration in Urban and Regional Planning and a minor in French.  Through my education and experiences, I have become very passionate about urban redevelopment, housing issues, and community economic development contextualized through urban and social policy.  I have a diverse background and a love for Michigan’s communities and neighborhoods which derives from a summer studying European urban practice and planning in Germany and interning at the Office of Housing and Community Development in a Detroit suburb, along with my studies in community development, downtown revitalization, and policy.

As CEDAM’s policy intern, I will be researching, monitoring, and analyzing proposed state legislation that affects community economic development in Michigan.  I will work to understand proposals and investigate policy opportunities in which CEDAM can become involved.  I will also be helping create CEDAM’s 2010 Policy Agenda.

I am entering this position very excited and energetic to help further CEDAM’s missions while also learning valuable skills.  I am eager to use my background and love for public policy to help promote community and neighborhood based efforts around Michigan.