Pre-Capital-Day Webinars 11/2 and 11/3

[This post was updated Nov. 6, 2009.]

In preparation for Capital Day, CEDAM hosted two policy webinars. Materials from the webinars are linked below; please note that if you are attending Capital Day you must review the materials from the “Review of Policy Topics for Capital Day” webinar (see below).

The first webinar was “How a Bill Becomes a Law.” CEDAM policy staff reviewed the legislative process with an emphasis on Michigan.   Materials from the webinar are available here under “The Legislative Process and the State Legislature.” This information is recommended for anyone who is attending Capital Day and would like to improve their understanding of the legislative process.

The second webinar, “Review of Policy Topics for Capital Day,” covered the following topics:

  • Foreclosure Rescue Scams (by Lisa Nuszkowski, Michigan Foreclosure Task Force)
  • Predatory Lending (also by Lisa Nuszkowski)
  • HB 5296, Employer Notification of Earned Income Tax Credit eligibility (by Ross Yednock, Asset Building Policy Project)
  • Increasing Volunteer Base for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites (also by Ross Yednock)
  • The 2010 Census and Why It Matters for Michigan (by Katie Johnson in collaboration with the Michigan Nonprofit Association)

This webinar is required for Capital Day attendees. If you attending Capital Day and did not view this webinar, please review the materials here under “Capital Day November 2009 Resources.” We will not be discussing the issues at length on November 10, so we can devote more time to advocacy training.