HCAP Funding Announcement

[An announcement on HCAP funding from Lisa Nuszkowski]

HUD recently announced 2009-10 awards for its Housing Counseling Assistance Program (HCAP).  While Michigan saw an increase in the number of community-based counseling agencies receiving funding (from 8 agencies in 2008 to 14 agencies in 2009), the funding for counseling is still far under what is needed to serve Michigan’s homeowners (the increase in funding to these agencies went from $433,147 in 2008 to $582,387 in 2009).  What’s more, some communities such as Detroit received zero dollars in housing counseling funds from HUD.

In response to the concern that Michigan’s counseling agencies are not receiving their fair share of HCAP funding, the Michigan Foreclosure Task Force started meeting with members of Michigan’s Congressional delegation to inform them about the dire need for additional funding and how little HCAP funds community-based counseling agencies in Michigan receive, despite the extraordinary need.  The entire Michigan delegation signed a letter to HUD Secretary Donovan asking questions about how funds are awarded and how Michigan can access more federal resources.  We expect to have a response from HUD to share with the Task Force shortly.

We plan to continue meeting with members of the Michigan delegation to make the case that our agencies need adequate funding to meet the need for foreclosure counseling in Michigan.  Thus far, we have met with Senator Levin, Congressmen Dingell, Schauer, Camp, and Ehlers.  Please let Steve or I know if you have a relationship with your Congressperson or would be willing to help us set up a meeting with them.  We will also be participating in a strategic planning session with HUD later this month, where we will continue to deliver the message that Michigan needs more counseling resources.

A few important reminders and announcements:

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up today for Friday’s webinar on What You Need To Know About Michigan’s 90-Day Law. You can do so here.
  2. Detroit HOPE Now will be hosting a foreclosure prevention workshop on Saturday, December 5, 2009 from 9am-2pm at Cobo Hall in Detroit.  If your agency is interested in participating, please contact Sheila Squier at ssquier@twcny.rr.com with the following: Agency Name, Volunteer Name(s), Contact Email and Phone Number, and Languages Spoken.
  3. Accidentally delete an email with important Task Force information?  My emails to the Task Force will be posted on CEDAM’s blog, so please visit to catch up on any information you may have missed.