The State of the Industry

[This post is from CEDAM Executive Director Angie Gaabo.]

Everyone knows that times are tough for Michigan nonprofits, but what does that look like on the ground?  Here at CEDAM, we are dedicated to helping our members rebuild neighborhoods and revitalize communities.  To accomplish this, we need to know what they’re facing.

This spring, CEDAM conducted an Internet-based survey to collect data in three areas:

  • the health of the industry (how are members coping?),
  • the direction of the industry (what are members doing?), and
  • our own performance (how can we support our members?).
Verne Barry Place - project of CEDAM member Dwelling Place in Grand Rapids
Verne Barry Place - award-winning project of CEDAM member Dwelling Place in Grand Rapids

The findings were surprisingly positive.  While CEDAM members who responded are struggling with funding shortages, only a few have dissolved and many are forming new collaborations. They are adapting to new needs and funding sources, and they want more resources and guidance from CEDAM on how to do this.

Read the full report (it’s short), then let us know in the comments how this compares to your experience. How is your organization doing? What do you need to better serve your community?