Capital Day Q and A

CEDAM and the Asset Building Coalition (ABC) are hosting the second CEDAM/ABC legislative advocacy day on November 10.   The Michigan Foreclosure Task Force (MFTF) is also involved.  Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

When and where is Capital Day? Capital Day will take place on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. We will start the day in the Speaker’s Library of the State Capitol building in Lansing.

Why should I come? If you are a CEDAM, ABC, or MFTF member, you should come to build your relationship with your legislators, to get great advocacy training, and to connect with other professionals in your field.  If you like architecture and history, you should also come for the bonus Capitol tour.

Why do my legislators want to meet with me? First, the whole reason they are in Lansing is to represent you and the people you serve – they want to know their constituents and the work in their districts. Second, by being a resource on community development, asset building, and/or foreclosure prevention, you will help your legislators provide better constituent services and make laws that support Michigan residents and communities.

How will I know what to do? Capital Day is meant to be a learning experience, and there will be several education opportunities:

  • Brief webinar on Monday, Nov. 2 (then posted online) about the legislative process.
  • Webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 3 (then posted online) about the policy issues.
  • Talking points on the policy issues for you and your legislators to reference.
  • Information on how to look up your legislators ahead of time.
  • Hands-on advocacy training at the event.

What will my meetings be like? You will be placed in a group with 3-5 other individuals and scheduled for 15-minute meetings with up to three different representatives and three different senators from your geographic region, in their offices.

What will I talk about? There will be four official policy issues for your legislative meetings: the Earned Income Tax Credit, predatory lending, foreclosure rescue scams, and the 2010 Census. You will have printed talking points to use, although you are encouraged to share your own experiences and resources regarding these issues too. Because you will be in a group, you will not need to speak about all four issues yourself.

How do I sign up? We are still looking for CEDAM, ABC, and Foreclosure Task Force members from the Grand Rapids and Flint areas and rural communities, but all members are welcome and the event is free. If someone from your organization is able to come, please call Katie today at 517.485.3588 or fill out this RSVP form.