Aloha from CEDAM!

Tiffany_LMHello, I’m Tiffany Lemieux-McKissic and I am the Manager of Membership and Communications here at CEDAM.

Our new website is awesome and I can’t wait to begin blogging about our members and the incredible work that you are engaged in. Look for ‘Member Spotlight’ features from me that highlight different member organizations across the state. I will also be blogging about state-wide Best Practice models in the CED industry.

If you are curious about me, I am 28 years old and a proud wife and mother of two (4 year old daughter Aurora and 4 month old son Xavier). In my spare time (ha-ha!), I love to read and to travel. My retirement dream is to own a small bed and breakfast in the Caribbean and lay on the beach all day- it’s going to happen so make your reservations now!

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any suggestions or a great story to share.