Show Me the Money Day

Host Site Applications for Show Me the Money Day 2020 are now open!

Host Sites

  • SMTMD 2020 Host Site Applications
    • Applications are closed!

Returning Host Sites*

  • 3 Year Automatic Application Renewal
    • Organizations with previous experience as SMTMD host sites and participated in the 2019 SMTMD season may qualify for 3 years of automatic application renewal for 2020-2022 SMTMD events.
    • Once approved, organizations need only reapply every 3 years. Automatic renewal will be contingent on adherence to the CEDAM participation guidelines and yearly SMTMD event success.
    • Organizations with previous experience will be notified by CEDAM of their renewal before training registration opens.

*Some restrictions apply

Applicants must be a 501(c)3 to apply.

Show Me The Money Day 2020 Timeline

As a statewide event comprised of several organizations, it is important for host sites to participate in CEDAM’s prescribed timeline in order to ensure a successful SMTMD event. The SMTMD 2020 timeline serves as a reminder for tasks, goals, and other event planning details including:

  • June 14 – Webinar on SMTMD event management and applications
  • August 9 – SMTMD host site application closes
  • August 19 – Approved host sites are notified, and training registration opens
  • September 2 – Launch Basecamp
  • September 13 – Training registration closes
  • September 27 – Attend Training Day, organizations will send a representative to CEDAM*
  • October 4 – Monthly TA call with host sites
  • November 8 – Monthly TA call with host sites
  • December 4 – Monthly TA call with host sites
  • January 10 – Monthly TA call with host sites
  • April 17 – Submit participant survey
  • April 24 – End of season call to host sites
  • May 18 – Publish the 2020 SMTMD impact graphic

*If prior commitments make it impossible for your organization to send a representative to the planning meeting, please contact Brian Rakovitis before submitting this application to make arrangements to fulfill this requirement at another date. Brian can be reached via email at or 517.485.3588

Host Site Training

  • Host Site Training
    • Host Sites will be selected prior to the Host Site Training registration in mid-August.
    • Host Site Training is mandatory for all host sites (at least one person from your organization must attend)
    • This training is free and will include best practices, breakout groups based on experience level, basecamp training, marketing, event planning and fundraising information. Lunch will be provided!

Hosting a Show Me the Money Day Event in Your Community: What You Need To Know

Show Me the Money Day is a series of free, public financial resource fairs throughout Michigan. These annual events take place in January and February in order to kick off tax time and promote savings. They feature free and low-cost financial products, workshops, games, prizes, food and fun.

The events are planned and executed by CEDAM member organizations. Host Site organizations tailor events to fit their communities’ needs.

CEDAM’s role is to provide technical assistance and support surrounding the events. For 2020 events, CEDAM provides the following:

  • Free Host Site Training in Lansing
  • Mini-grants of up to $500 per event*
  • Physical posters and postcards with logos and event information*
  • Graphic design services
  • One-on-one technical assistance
  • Biweekly technical assistance calls
  • Data collection and reporting support
  • Marketing, fundraising and planning guides

*Mini-grant funding, physical posters and postcards are not guaranteed and contingent on funding.

If you would like to get involved, become a sponsor, or learn more about an event in your area, please contact Brian Rakovitis.