Camille Allen, Communications Intern

As one of CEDAM’s Communication interns, Camille’s main focus is to highlight the success of our member organizations and to ensure positive outreach interactions with them.  Through writing for the blog she is able to showcase unique organizations and events with goals that correspond to those of CEDAM: community development, revitalization and engagement. When she is not writing for the blog, she is assisting with the marketing for Show Me The Money Day. In preparation for the event, Camille helps create flyers and postcards for our hosts, and maintains contact with them to ensure their satisfaction.

Camille has prior journalism experience from her internship with The Cincinnati Herald, where she wrote articles and features about people, events and issues important to the community of Cincinnati. Today she studies professional writing and graphic design, and utilizes her skills to produce content relevant to CEDAM’s needs.

Are you a CEDAM member or partner and want to be featured on CEDAM’s blog? Email Camille.