Jason Paulateer is Vice President and Market Manager of PNC Community Development Banking, based in Troy.  He is an at-large board member representing the entire state.

What is the history/purpose of your organization, in one sentence?

PNC Community Development Banking is devoted to improving low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and the quality of life for residents.Jason Paulateer

What do you do at your organization?

I manage the Community Development Banking Department/activities for the bank covering the State of Michigan.

Is there anything special we should know about you or your organization?

PNC offers a wide array of products and services including:

  • Financial Education — PNC developed an award-winning financial education curriculum designed to provide the knowledge and skills to help people take control of their finances and improve their quality of life.
  • Consumer Products — After listening to customers, PNC designed deposit products and lending programs that meet the specific needs of those with low-to-moderate incomes. For example, PNC’s Foundations Checking program offers a second chance to people who are not otherwise eligible for checking accounts.
  • Community Development Lending — For those who dream of building better communities, PNC provides various financing options.  In addition, PNC Community Development Banking collaborates with local, state, and federal agencies to secure funding that meets community needs.
  • Community Development Investments — To stimulate community and economic revitalization, PNC formed PNC Community Partners, Inc. – a community development corporation. Through strategic investments, PNC provides nontraditional capital to high-impact development projects.