Benjamin Andrews, junior policy associate

As CEDAM’s junior policy associate, Benjamin works with the Policy Director at CEDAM on policy initiatives at the state and federal level. His efforts include research in different policy areas and creating resources for CEDAM members, partners and advocates. This includes policy briefs and other media on topics such as housing, financial stability or empowerment, and other community development areas.

Prior to working with CEDAM, Benjamin has worked in local government both in the City of Allegan and in Flint at the Genesee County Land Bank. In these roles he worked on various community development efforts including property assessments, a parking study, and placemaking efforts. He has also worked in human resources and behavioral competency interviewing through his student positions in Michigan State University RHS.

Benjamin is currently a student at Michigan State University, pursuing his bachelor of arts in public policy and bachelor of science in economic geography.

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